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Director of Instruction at Highland Creek Golf Club

Rushi Oza, PGA

Rushi Oza is a PGA golf instructor who has been involved with the game of golf for over 25 years. He was born and raised in Canton, Ohio and attended North Carolina State University. After graduating he moved to South Florida and pursued a professional playing career. He later transitioned into instruction and coaching where he worked at various private clubs in South Florida. Most recently, he spent the last 5 years working for Jim McLean, one of the world’s top golf instructors at his academy in Miami.

Recent career teaching and playing highlights include election to Golf Digest’s Best Young Teachers in America list, 2022 South Florida Southern Chapter Teacher of the Year, has had multiple articles published for PGA Magazine and Golf Digest, qualified for two PGA Professional’s National Championships and has 6 wins in the South Florida PGA Section.

Rushi’s experience includes coaching students of all ages, skill levels and physical abilities. He has taught over 5,000 hours of private instruction and multi day golf schools. Rushi is passionate about teaching juniors and coaching players to prepare for tournament play.

(330) 806-9733
Golf Lessons at Highland Creek Golf Club

Junior Golf Camps

Contact Rushi Oza Phone (330) 806-9733 Email Instagram @Rushiozagolf for more information on golf instruction.

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